Find land... Dig a hole...
Fill it with water...

Well, not exactly!

Lake Construction

An amazing amount of attention

to detail went into building the lakes at Last Chance. While it is true that we went above and beyond what is required, residents of Last Chance Lakes want it that way.

Here you will find some of the details that make Last Chance more than just another lake.

Sandy Beaches

The shoreline that backs the homes and Gathering Area are covered in beach sand. This sand is not the least expensive sand available, however, pinching pennies in an area that will have significant impact on durability and aesthetics is not our goal. We spent a considerable amount of time sampling sand from several pits along the Wasatch Front. Consequently, the sand specifically chosen for Last Chance Lakes provides the perfect combination of shoreline stability and aesthetical beauty. Best of all, your bare feet love it!

Water Clarity

Water Clarity is a big deal. We want the lakes to be inviting rather than suspicious. Because of this, we go to great extent to make the lakes feel more like a huge swimming pool. For example, every shoreline that is not covered with sand, is covered with imported gravel. Covering the native soils of the shoreline prevents the water from becoming cloudy when boat wakes roll up on to the shore. In addition, fish control weed growth and the water is treated with a non-toxic dye that creates a beautiful crystal blue color.


Having the proper slope on a shoreline is essential to maintaining smooth water. When a shoreline is too steep, boat wakes bounce off of the shoreline causing backwash and rough water. At Last Chance, the shorelines are graded to a 16:1 slope. That means for every 16 feet the shoreline extends horizontally, it drops one foot vertically. History has shown that this is the ideal slope to absorb boat wakes so that the water remains smooth with every pass.


Unlike many man-made lakes that are built on a perfectly flat piece of ground, Last Chance Lake’s topography slopes 25 vertical feet from West to East. In order for the lake to be built at the proper elevation, a 20 foot cut was made at the West end of the property and a 15 foot fill was placed at the East end of the property. The result is a lake surrounded by terrain with varying slopes, aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In order to create a lake of this nature, a dam must be engineered and constructed. A tremendous amount of time and resources were spent making sure that the dam is of the highest quality. The design of the dam is the result of a combination of efforts between the civil engineer, geotech engineer, state dam engineer, the developer and the contractor. A full time inspector was present during the entire construction process. Compaction tests were taken on each eight-inch lift placed on the dam verifying that the dirt is compacted to a minimum of 96%. The result: one damn good dam. It was built properly, and will stand the test of time.

The Details

They say, “The devil is in the details,” and we believe that is true. Last Chance Lakes is more than a project. It is a passion to those involved in the construction. We invite you to look at this development with a critical eye. We are confident that you see that passion in every detail.