Smooth Water

Makes Me Happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can two families “partner” on a single lot?

This question, by far, is asked more frequently than any other. The answer is yes, BUT, only one family will have rights to use the lake. The other family will be treated as a guest and can only use the lake while the Designated Owner is present. We have created two compromises for this situation, however. First, a limited number of Additional HOA Memberships are being sold. Purchasing an Additional HOA Memberships allows both families to each have Lake Rights while still partnering on a single lot. (See Sales Info for more information.) Second, the Designated Lot Owner can be changed on an annual basis. This allows two partners on a single lot to trade off being the Designated Owner with Lake Rights each year.

How much are the HOA fees?

HOA fees are $100 per month as of 2010.

Do I have to build a home within a certain amount of time?

No. However, every lot must be landscaped within one year of the purchase date. It is in everyone’s best interest that the entire development has a finished look.

Are there restrictions on the type of home that I can build?

Yes. There are strict guidelines that govern the architecture to ensure that Last Chance Lakes has a uniform look when it is completed. In short, Minimum square footage requirements are 1800 feet for a single level home and 2200 square feet for a two story home. Homes will be constructed of cement board siding (i.e. Hardiplank), rock, and timber. Stucco and brick will not be permitted. See Covenants / Lake Rules for more detail.

Where does the lake water come from?

The lake water comes from ground water collected in a series of pipes located approximately a mile and a half from Last Chance Lakes. It is then delivered to the lakes through a gravity fed pipeline. Historically, the water was utilized to water a farmer’s alfalfa field and has a 27-year history of delivering more than adequate volumes of water to keep the lake full.

Does the water get stagnant?

No. The boats keep the water aerated. Fish keep the weed growth to a minimum. A product called Aquashade is also utilized regularly to create a crystal blue colored water. Water quality is a high priority at Last Chance Lakes.

Are the lakes available to the public?

Excluding the Adaptive Ski Program, the lakes are available only to homeowners and their invited guests.

What types of boats are allowed on the lakes?

Inboards only. This includes both mid engine direct drives and V-drives less than 24' in length. I/O’s are not allowed.

Can I “tube” if I want to?

Certainly! If tubing on glassy smooth water is what makes you happy, tube until your heart is content (or until your 15 minutes is up.) The lake can be used for any activity that is fun for you.

Please feel free to contact us with further questions. We love to talk about this stuff!