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Sales Information

Home lots at Last Chance Lakes are currently for sale. Prices range from 200K to 450K. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Additional Home Owner Association Membership Sales

Each home lot comes with the right to utilize the lakes and other amenities. However, those rights are limited to a single-family owner of a home lot (see covenants/lake rules page). In the case where two families would like to partner on a single lot, and both families would like rights to utilize the lakes and other amenities, we are offering a limited number (8) of “Additional HOA Membership,” for the price of $50K each. Additional HOA Memberships may only be purchased by Lot Owners and are limited to one Additional HOA Membership per home lot.

Lot # Size (acres) Price Availability
1 1.46 $450K AVAILABLE
14 .59 $325K AVAILABLE
16 .58 $350K AVAILABLE

* A Private Boat House is included in the price of each lot. View Boat House for more information and a description.

Additional HOA Membership Price Available
1 50K SOLD
2 50K SOLD
3 50K SOLD
4 50K YES
5 50K YES
6 50K YES
7 50K YES
8 50K YES

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